PN001 - Innov Gnawa 'Toura Toura' 12"

We are proud to present our very first release, Innov Gnawa - ‘Toura Toura’ - a limited 12-inch in collaboration with REMIX ←→ CULTURE

Featuring two beautifully recorded traditional Gnawa pieces performed by Innov Gnawa, and a re-work by Ben, aka Mr Assister (1800-Dinosaur).  

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Innov Gnawa - ‘Toura Toura’ 
Pique-nique Recordings / REMIX ←→ CULTURE
Limited 12" Vinyl.

A1 - La Ilaha Illa Allah
A2 - Toura Toura
B1 - Toura Toura (Mr Assister's Assisted Version)
Release Date: January 22 2016

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